Sunday, January 6, 2013

Why Detoxify????

Why Detoxify????

As the New Year begins our routines often fill with the best of intentions. Resolutions are written, diets initiated and exercise programs scheduled. Try finding an available treadmill at the local gym, and you’ll see many like yourself intent on regaining control of their health. And, as the popular colloquialism says: “Its all good!” As a Functional Medicine physician with over 30 years experience in complimentary and holistic approaches to health I have found the most effective and efficient way to begin taking control of one’s health is to DETOXIFY.  I have witnessed “miracles” thousands of times over the course of these years, with patients who had never considered changing their lifestyle much less detoxifying.  So I would like to begin sharing some of the benefits of going through a detoxification program. Before I do, I need to bring us all onto the same page, as not all detoxification programs are the same, or even remotely similar. There are some that use New Age electrical devices and pads, others gut purging formulas, others mono-juice fasting, and others herbal concoctions. 

The Detoxification program I have used successfully for over 20 years is the one I have in mind when describing the benefits of such an endeavor, as it is my basis of experience and it is supported by medical science. The “LivClear” Detox program involves the use of a medicinal food powder that is formulated to both support the liver’s role in detoxification and it increases cellular respiration...think energy. In addition to using this medicine, taken as a drinkable shake, an elimination diet is prescribed. The dietary part of the programs eliminates offending foods such as gluten, dairy, soy, corn, coffee, alcohol, sugar, chemicals etc. The programs is designed to take anyone through 28 days of rejuvenation. And believe me, it works, and as mentioned, sometimes even miracles! I will review below the benefits of going through such a worthy life-changing program.

Ala Dr. Bump’s LivClear Program

Breaking food addictions and cravings.
During the 28 days program the increased dosing of the LivClear detox formula eliminates addictions by nourishing your cells, all 50 trillion of them, in a way they have never experienced. The formula also works at reducing cravings by keeping blood sugar levels stable.

Improved energy
The LivClear detox formula improves energy several ways. It is specifically formulated to increase how you make energy right down to the cellular level. Because the formula is extremely nutrient dense without extra caloric “baggage” you get more nourishment with less effort. So you don’t have to expend lost of energy digesting and processing your food. Also, as you begin to clear toxins out of your organs, glands, fluids and cells they all begin to work much more efficiently.

Elimination of Toxins
This benefits should actually be number one! The LivClear detox formula supports how your liver is designed to breakdown and eliminate toxins. It is a complicated biochemical process involving the Cytochrome P-450 and conjugation pathways. Sources of toxins are pesticides and herbicides in food, air and water, chemical agents for preserving and coloring in foods and drinks, household and cosmetic products, including paint, carpet and plastic outgassing. Ohh!, did I forget to mention drugs either prescription or OTC.

Weight Loss
Although the 28-day LivClear program is not designed or promoted as a weight loss program 90% of participants loose weight. Those that don’t are typically in severe Insulin Resistance or other potential hormone imbalances, so these are addressed after the detox program. By eliminating offending foods and restricting the amount of carbohydrates, patients also facilitate weight loss.

Hormone Balance
Because hormones are conjugated and deconjugated in the liver, supporting the liver function improves hormone function. Additionally many of the toxins that compete with hormones are eliminated, such as bisphenol-A, which allows the hormone receptors to work efficiently.

Regain health
We know from thousands of medical and scientific studies that what we eat determines our healthy outcome. Our genes are governed by the kinds of food choices we make, so eating a diet that is “gene friendly” can reverse disease conditions and lead to better health.

Establish a Healthy Life Style Foundation 
Studies show that we have to repeat a new behavior for 21 days consecutively in order for it to become permanent. The 28-Day LivClear Detox program has been designed with this in mind. As you go through the step by step approach for learning new ways to live and healthy life, you will leave old habits far behind and begin enjoying healthy new behaviors. You will finish the program with a clean canvas and perfect foundation from which you will spring board into better health.

So if you would like to make an investment in your health for 2013, just give the office a call and we will get you started!  973-827-3500


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